Making a Living in the Mobile Notary Public Business

You’ve already seen a lot of commercials that entice you to become a public notary or loan signing agent. Such commercials say the sector is profitable, work when you like, choose your jobs, have time for the kids, etc. While these may initially sound appealing, before making the leap, there are several considerations that one should contemplate.You can get additional information at Notary near me.

Although becoming a mobile notary signing agent was a brilliant idea at one time, times have dramatically changed. Much of this is due to our collapsing housing market and economy. The housing sector is in deep trouble. Many of the housing industry’s businesses that build, sell, service, and provide mortgages are facing closure. If you know of any mortgage brokers, just think, “Are they working and doing fine?” for a moment. ” Have they moved on to a different profession?”. You would probably respond “Yes” if you know any such individuals. What is indicated by that?

Mobile notary signing agents are also facing the same issues facing these individuals. There are few people buying houses, because the housing market is drying up, and almost no one is refinancing. As a consequence, signing agents for mobile notaries struggle as there are no loans to sign. During a time when petrol prices are at their all time peak, the mobile notaries around are reducing their fees to attract business. Spend more to earn less.

Signing loans has become very rare. The pay for the signings available is very poor, with many offering a signing at $50. Two copies of the loan packet, make the appointment, sign the paperwork with the creditor, arrange and drop the documents at a delivery service, invoice the escrow business, when you consider the time it takes to download and print the documents, and then wait for the deposit that usually takes a month – for many, it’s no longer worth the effort.