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So, what is in store for us in the future? Do we go into lockdown if the infection rate starts to rise? When anyone tests positive, do we close down our schools and workplaces? Do we stay terrified and subjected to bureaucratic rule before a solution is discovered?

It is convenient for countries with a limited and sparse population to argue that they have successfully managed the virus by lockdown steps. It is certainly not a feasible proposition in heavily populated countries with huge populations, such as India and Europe.

As a consequence, a better solution to this problem is needed. What would I do if I were in an outback country town and a case of coronavirus was brought to me for treatment? I would have handled the patient the same way I would have treated a case of influenza if I didn’t have access to a diagnostic facility. Would my patient or I have had a different outcome if this had happened?

Although all of this virus research in the community might be academically desirable, the way the media portrays it should be a source of concern for all of us looking to better our mental health. It is causing needless anxiety and alarm among the public.

Perhaps we will learn from our animal friends about how they have managed to coexist peacefully with all of the predators in their environment since the dawn of time. When we watch buffaloes and lions, we can see that the lions frighten the buffaloes by chasing them. The buffaloes stop running until the lions have caught the weakest one. They begin grazing with ease, knowing that the lions will not attack them again until they are hungry. They don’t stay scared for long.