Choose Your Music Schools

A music school is an education establishment specialized in the study, training, and teaching of music. Such an establishment is often referred to as a conservatory, music college, music school, music department, or simply music school. Music schools offer Bachelor and Master degrees as well as certificate programs and other related training and educational programs for musicians of all ages. Some schools also offer an associate degree, which allows the student to pursue a career as an instrumentalist or teacher. Most schools are located in different cities around the world, while some are based in specific countries such as UK, Canada and Australia.You may find more information at Mandeville School of Music & Dance.

Music schools may not be part of professional conservatories or universities, although they do share the same faculty members and shared teaching tools. Music schools may have their own laboratories, libraries, soundproof environments and may even have access to the latest technologies and equipment that are used in advanced courses and research projects. A music school may provide its students with on-campus residency in order to allow them to acquire the practical skills and experience in teaching students and conservatories alike. Courses are generally taught in a classroom setting and may follow a rigid schedule of weekly classes, individual lessons, group projects, guest lectures, one-on-one supervision, or even guest lectures from guest speakers.

Conservatories and music schools are both run by the same institutions which are either part of larger educational establishments or parts of larger universities. Conservatories run mini-academies or may be independent facilities while larger universities or colleges may have dedicated music departments and academies. Some conservatories and music schools are highly regarded, while others are known only by a few students. The best way to determine which one is right for you is by comparing the curriculum, the teaching methods, cost and other important aspects that you should look into before signing up. Conservatories and music schools are two different entities that are very similar yet somehow different at the same time, so you must give serious consideration to make sure that you get the most out of your experience.