Roofing-Bone Dry Roofing – Metal or Steel Roofing the Right Choice

Why will someone pay double or even triple the expense of an asphalt roof on a metal roof in their right mind? It sounds like a waste of money on the surface, and many asphalt roofing businesses are very good at making the case for asphalt. In fact, money is the only rational and true explanation for making the decision to purchase an asphalt roof rather than a permanent one. If the money is not available and funding is not an option, the asphalt roof that is originally cheaper would have to be adequate. While asphalt roofing is certainly less costly in the long term, as roof repairs are expected every 8 to 10 years, it will cost several thousands of dollars more.Learn more about us at Roofing-Bone Dry Roofing

People ought to be mindful that in recent years, the insurance industry has been so severely burnt due to the accelerated decay of asphalt shingles that most have set their own standards. Asphalt shingles used to have an asbestos foundation and it will take 25 years for a 25-year shingle. The asphalt shingles of today have a foundation of fiberglass and do not stand up to the rigors of northern or Canadian air. Even 50 years of asphalt shingles that cost a small fortune would deteriorate in 8 to 10 years on a lower pitched roof 6/12 and below. The insurance business was left keeping the bag oblivious of the quality improvements when water began to destroy under the lying of wood and also home interiors. When they woke up to the fact that before construction, they added specifications for vapor barriers to cover the entire roof rather than the three feet of code-needed ice and water barrier. Although the shoddy underbelly tends to do unacceptable and poor jobs, only respectable roofer adheres to this. Often a citizen would see a roofing firm covering the whole roof with a vapor shield, wondering why? Why will they go with no excuse through all the extra expenses?

The gap would be about double or a little more when looking at the financial alternative between asphalt and metal if the distinction is made between a well done asphalt roof and a high-quality metal roof. There is not an asphalt roof that realistically would not last longer than 10 years by doing the math and learning. Some people believe they get more life out of their roofs, but a 10-year-old asphalt roof not only looks bad in fact, but it would have degraded to the point of compromise on the southern side where the sun bakes. They were sold a shingle of 25 to 35 years and didn’t read the small print in the guarantee that pro-rated it to the point where the warranty was practically useless after 8 years.

The majority of high-quality metal roofs come with a non-pro-rated transferable warranty of 50 years. During the warranty period, 5 to 6 asphalt roofs are required. If a metal roof is twice the cost, the math will be $10,000.00 [asphalt] and $20,000 [metal], for instance. A new asphalt roof will be needed in 10 years’ time. For 3% inflation, $ 10,000.00 is $ 13,000.00. Asphalt has cost $23,000.00 now while metal has stuck at $20,000.00 unless it hasn’t. Heat and u.v. both high-quality metal roofs have Reflective coatings mean the energy costs are lowered so the air conditioner does not have to work as hard. On power costs, these roofs can save as much as 25%. Given that $500.00 is saved for 10 years a year, that will be $5000.00, making $15,000.00 the real expense of the metal roof. Savings are $5000.00 in ten years, with 40 years left on the non-pro-rated warranty. At least four more asphalt roofs would need $13,000.00 turning into $17,000.00, $17,000.00 turning into $21,000.00, etc. All this money was effectively flushed down the drain. The sum is staggering. In the asphalt roofing industry, gullible buyers who chose not to look at the evidence retain a constant residual revenue.