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Regenerative medicine is a new and developing field that has the ability to treat, prevent and even reverse many degenerative diseases. Many scientists are involved in this field trying to find ways to help the body and slow the aging process. Aging is a natural part of life, but as we get older it becomes harder to reverse these effects. For those who are facing the loss of hair, wrinkles, age spots or other signs of aging, regenerative medicine can be an answer to their prayers. Some of the diseases that can be treated with this type of medicine include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, HIV/AIDS, Vitiligo, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.You may find more information at Myrtle Beach regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine basically deals with the “growing of” new cells, tissue or organs to replace or restore normal function to the body. It is very different from the methods used in conventional medicine, which basically tries to stop or slow down the damage to the cells or tissues. This can be accomplished by injecting new cells into the affected area, or perhaps removing afflicted tissue. Tissue and cell transplants have been used to treat some of these degenerative diseases.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to increase the proliferation of progenitor cells in the body to ensure that they are producing new cells to replace those that have been lost. Since the body replaces cells on its own, the therapies have to be able to keep pace and be adaptive. These techniques have been successfully applied in animal studies, but it is not known how these cells will react in people. One of the biggest challenges is determining how these therapies will interact with existing medications.

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