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IT support refers to various services which entities offer to end users of various technology products or services, like telecommunication companies, retail companies, educational institutions, or other businesses and organizations. In simple terms, IT support simply refers to support regarding technical issues with a particular product or service, instead of offering training, provision, or customisation of that product, or any other support services in relation to it. There are a lot of companies and organizations that provide IT support to individuals or organizations, usually as a part of their contract services. These organizations employ people who are qualified to provide IT support services to clients.You may want to check out Computerease IT Support of Chicago for more.

The scope of IT support is often categorized into three main categories, depending on the level of expertise required for IT support: on-site IT support, off-site IT support and knowledge management. In case of on-site support, an employee of an organization handling IT solutions interacts with the client’s system, which has been installed in the organization. Off-site IT support, on the other hand, involves a remote link of a user’s computer system to an IT support company’s server, from where the IT support provider providing the service can access the computer system and do all the required repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Knowledge management refers to the process of collecting information about IT support issues and proposing IT solutions to solve those issues.

IT support companies generally deliver managed services, which involve giving guidance on how to optimize the organization’s current IT infrastructure, such as hardware and software selection, configurations and best practices. IT support companies also give advice on how to minimize the risk of introducing IT risks, through the creation of a preventive management plan, risk assessment, and management of the organization’s information technology budget. IT support companies can also give consultancy and counseling services, according to a customer’s requirement. IT support companies provide their IT services through different modes, including the Internet, email, telephone, chat and video.


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