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Through circulating pamphlets, ads on radio and television, door-to – door marketing, the conventional method of promoting the company in the local market is now of no use for days. With the shift in technology, the generation has changed, every person is now a tech savvy and wants all internet knowledge. The number of users has increased tremendously since the introduction of internet technology , today more than millions of people are used to internet where as some totally rely on internet to earn livelihoods. It has opened up a great source for supporting or advertising business online in this new age where people are addicted to the internet everyday.Visit them at Southampton Digital Marketing Agency to get additional information.

No one had ever thought at the beginning when the internet was fresh on the market that it would open up such a great outlet for creating customers for business. Every business entrepreneur began thinking about advertising their business online as the number of users grew and became great sources of attraction to people around the world. But it was not as simple as the technology was not so advanced that the cost of online ads hit the sky. With the time when several new platforms began to be created and everyone began offering advertising space, a major shift came into being at last when the social media sites were invented.

Social networking sites were those places where people come for entertainment, such as video , music, etc., to view or share. Social networking also included websites that provided free registration services and invited people to share their ideas by communicating with each other. Any of those sites that offered free services were social networking websites such as Facebook , MySpace, etc. People didn’t think that these social networking platforms would be used to promote or advertise their company. But later, as the number of users began to grow and the website became popular, everyone was drawn to sell their product and service.

In order to exchange views, photographs and videos with loved ones, the invention of social media or social networking websites was carried out. Any user who entered these social networking sites wanted to increase their number of friends or supporters. They also received the royalty to be the oldest participant of these social networking sites with the rise in number of contacts. Many big business companies were drawn to market their goods and services by this increased number of mates. The person added with lots of friends got big revenue for any large business company’s advertisement product and services.

Many businesses later built their own business profile on these social networking platforms and began to market their products online. Competition for advertisements on these social networking platforms has also increased immensely with the growing number of users. Each and every organisation wanted to increase their profile with the number of friends and followers, but the task was not as easy as they expected. With the rising rivalry, every organisation was serious about promoting its business profile at the top, so they began recruiting professional social media marketers. Such professional social media marketers were the oldest users of social media platforms and had knowledge of the laws and regulations of social media from A to Z.

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