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Your health and wellness are your business and yours to manage! You are, or at least you should be, your own primary health provider! Not only do I believe wholeheartedly in these two statements, they are the basis of my philosophy of personal being. I encourage my clients to think in these terms while embracing the concepts of Alternative medicine and holistic health. view publisher site No one is more affected by your health than you are! This is one of those “no brainers” that get overlooked when dealing with a complex issue. Sort of a reversal of “not being able to see the forest because the trees are in the way”. In this case we can not see some of the solutions because the problems seem to be so overwhelming.

Today’s society encourages us to expect instant automatic solutions to our problems. The “press this button”, or “take this pill approach” to life! We have come to expect that regardless of what we “allow” to happen to ourselves, there is some wonder miracle drug that will cure it.

Part of the problem is we are no longer expected to be responsible for the consequences of our actions! Several years ago McDonald’s was sued for causing people to get fat. Think about that for a moment. I consumed more calories than I burn, so I gain weight. But it is not my fault, its yours because you provided me with the food! Maybe it’s just me (I don’t think so), but this sounds too much like not accepting the consequence of own action. The “McDonald’s made me fat” suit is just a highlighted example of what is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. I think we should get a class action suit going against the medical industry for not finding a cure for the cold or cancer. They know there’s a problem but haven’t given us a solution yet! Okay I admit that is a bit far fetched, but maybe not far off in the future!

The bottom line is we must take more responsibility for what happens to us. More responsibility for what goes into our bodies. Gain more understanding of what it is our bodies need. Take more notice of what our body is doing, or is not doing. Your personal physician or healthcare provider can not provide you with all of the answers. Most of the answers come from your body, learn to listen to it and understand it!