Furniture Buying Tips – Maximizing Your Online Search

Many individuals spend hours online trying to find just the right kind of furniture for their home, never understanding that it doesn’t have to be difficult to process. There are many tips and tricks that can be used to find exactly the right furniture styles, and do so relatively quickly. The trick is to understand how internet search engines work and then, once you get to a piece of furniture you like, know what to look for. -great post to read
In this post, for instance, let’s assume that you’re looking for an RTA sleeper sofa. You want a full size sofa that can be installed in parts because of a tight doorway that will not fit through standard sofas. (RTA stands for ready to assemble) This means you’re going to have to equally consider appearance, cost, quality and size. You want a sofa bed that’s red in colour and has a comfortable sleeper. Finally, you don’t want to spend a lot on it but you know that you don’t want a standard, affordable RTA sleeper sofa. You want a nice something.
By typing in the phrase sleeper sofa into Google, most individuals will begin searching online. While this is definitely a good starting point, it is far too large. For instance, as of this writing, you get 808,000 results when you type a sleeper sofa into Google. You can definitely wade through these findings now and ultimately find something you want. What is more probable is that instead of that you will end up settling. You’re going to get tired of looking and end up taking something that’s kind of similar, or totally giving up. That said how can you quickly narrow down that search?
Using some simple tricks is the easiest way to do this. Instead of only putting the “sleeper sofa” in the search engine, consider putting the “sleeper sofa” instead. This will only bring back returns that precisely fit that sentence. This narrows the search to 702,000 returns only. A lot still, huh? All right. Narrow the search even further now. Look at the Google search returns on the left hand side and you can also see the word “shopping”. Click on that and the number will be reduced to just 6000. When you add a colour to your quest, you narrow it down to just 300.