Car Accident Caused By Item Falling Off Of A Truck

If you’re a driver, you’ve probably seen the results of an accident caused by things falling off a truck that were improperly secured or unsecured. There are a variety of items that can turn into harmful projectiles, ranging from timber to mattresses, chairs, crates, and even bits of metal used for industrial projects. After a truck has gone too far or been in an accident, it is normal to see things spilled out on the side of the highway. The thought of being on the road behind a truck whose cargo spills onto the road is even more terrifying. Learn more by visiting Costa Ivone, LLC-Car Accident Lawyers In Chicago.

Car Damage – Property Damage

Drivers who fail to secure things correctly in their trucks endanger other drivers and pedestrians. Whether the driver is carrying pipes, trash, building materials, or other professional equipment, or simply moving furniture across town, all truck drivers must ensure that their cargo does not cause damage. If dropping objects trigger an accident, the trucking company and driver can be held legally liable for the victims’ damages.

If you were driving behind a truck carrying lumber or another heavy object that fell and destroyed your vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for your car’s damages. The truck driver can be held liable for a number of things, including mainteance costs and the expense of a rental car while the car is being fixed.

Truckers have a safety responsibility to other drivers that requires them to protect their loads properly at all times. Failure to secure a truck load can result in negligence lawsuits, making the at-fault driver liable for material damages. Some trucking companies aim to limit their liability by posting signs on the backs of their trucks warning drivers not to tailgate. Regardless of whether the trucking company says it is not liable for damage caused by falling debris, they are also liable for failing to secure the products properly.