Acrylic Stucco Finishes – Essentials

Acrylic stucco finishes are products which are made from a product which is a mixture of resins and additives with properties which allow it to have a smooth shiny finish, similar to marble for example. is one of the authority sites on this topic. They are made from an acrylic compound containing silica, calcium and potassium salts as well as other additives depending on the manufacturer. These finishes do not require a high degree of maintenance compared to other types of stucco and they have the ability to resist stains and heat and will not shrink. They can also be shaped and polished just like any other type of stucco, however they will not retain the original shape once it has cured.

Stucco is an excellent product which is extremely versatile and is used both on the outside and inside of buildings and is renowned not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for being very hard wearing and durable. However knowing what stucco actually is, what it is made up of and how it functions is a different story and this is what this article is going to discuss to give you an understanding of these different stucco systems. First of all stucco consists of a binder and that is mixed with either lime or water in order to form a base which is then left to dry over a period of time. During this process, the binder and the cement mix become the main holding agent for the stucco and this is where the different types of stucco systems come from. Different types of stucco systems will produce different results with some systems producing a smooth glossy finish, whilst others will be more coarse and more durable.

Abrasive finishes are a type of stucco system which is based on a hard coating of a highly hard wearing aggregate. This aggregate can be made out of many different materials ranging from limestone to gypsum and each base coat will be very different in terms of its properties and application. Generally abrasive finishes are applied to both the exterior and interior of a building and the final finish coat will vary slightly from the base coat depending on the type of finish used. In addition to being highly hard wearing and long lasting abrasion finishes are also extremely flexible and can easily be blended into any previous base coat leaving the end result being virtually indistinguishable from the original material. As such abrasion finishes are an extremely popular type of stucco system and should form a major part of your property protection portfolio.