A Beginner’s Guide To Window Tinting

Window tinting refers to any technique of reducing visibility of a driver from being able to see through his vehicle’s windows. Many people who may not know much about window tinting use the term ‘window tinting’ when they actually mean ‘reflexive window tinting’. This is because the automotive industry refers to it as window tinting, while the public often refers to it as window film, ‘shatter-proof window film’ or ‘twisted glass’ etc. Click here to find more about window tinting are here

Transparency refers to a property of an object so that light is refracted from a point in a direction that is parallel to the symmetry of the angle of incidence. For instance, the sunlight can pass through a transparent window without losing its energy at any point along its path. Similarly, a window tinting can be termed as transparent if the light that is incident on the vehicle and which is refracted produces an image that is seen by the observer at any location along the symmetry of that path. Similarly, transparent film is a thin plastic laminate that is applied to the surface of windows in vehicles and to the surface of windows in buildings and homes.
Black dots are used in the world of window tinting for the purpose of improving the brightness of an image so that the eyes of the user are not distracted while looking at a particular object. The black dots, also known as ‘dot pads’ are made of black material such that they absorb all the light that hits them equally irrespective of whether the light is incident upon the car or the person standing at the receiving end. While black dots are known to help people who suffer from nearsightedness, they may not be as helpful to those who suffer from farsightedness. If you are not sure whether your eyesight is not ideal, you can test your eyes at home by applying window tinting film on the relevant windows before travelling to an important meeting. You can also ask your friends to provide you with feedback on the effectiveness of the film on their own car.


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